Symbols of Oppression
and Resistance

During the Holocaust, symbols were used to oppress people. German officials forced Jewish residents in Tuchyn to wear a yellow Star of David to identify themselves as different and inferior. The Nazis also used symbols in concentration and death camps. Criminals wore green triangles, Jehovah's Witnesses wore purple ones, and LGBTQ+ people wore pink ones.

Symbols of Resistance

But symbols also mean resistance, such as a raised fist or a peace symbol. Many LGBTQ+ advocacy groups use the upside-down pink triangle, making a symbol of oppression into one of resistance.

Question to Consider

When you think of resistance, what symbol comes to your mind?

What Comes Next?

Later in the exhibition, you will create your own resistance symbol. Your symbol can be whatever you want, just try to be original, uplifting, and inclusive. No one should feel judged, excluded, or unsafe looking at your symbol.